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“Those” Cards

Published May 31, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth


Everyone has been there at least once…Those cards in Tarot that cause us to shudder, gasp and groan. 
Lately, mine is the Devil card, I inwardly groan at it’s sight and often will rush through my personal readings just so I can put this offensive card back in the deck, like it’s very appearance will cause immediate and swift consequences…absurd I know.

So, how does someone deal with “negative ” cards or any card that causes such a commotion? Here’s a little trick I like to use to help me understand the message that cards like this have, because obviously,  there’s something that I need to address at the time.

Here’s my trick, grab your deck and shuffle, keeping in mind that you are trying to understand it’s significance and pull three cards….like below

Here are the three I pulled to find out more about the Devil and his message…

Firstly, comes Judgement, a call to action.  What is the action? I am being called to actually do something.  Being somewhat lazy by nature, the Devil is pretty much in my face about getting up and start being motivated to change something about myself. Yup, I just got called out by a Tarot card!

Next up is Eight of Swords….limited thinking.  By avoiding the message from the Devil, I am keeping myself limited in my thinking about the things I  need to change which in turn halts any forward progress I might want to make. That would suck!

Lastly, The Hanged Man bluntly tells me that until I do something about my stagnant position, I won’t be going any farther. Stasis is not a happy place to be!

Putting the Tarot’s message together, I can see that the Devil’s intent is actually a good thing and all that kerfluffle has been much ado about nothing! 

Consider me “schooled” That’s right folks, ask and you shall receive. 


Is he cheating?

Published April 9, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

If you’ve been reading the Tarot for the public for any lengthy of time, this question will inevitably pop up. I usually cringe at romance related questions because, being an empath, I can understand all too well what it feels like to receive an answer you may not all together be prepared for.

Many of the cards that would indicate such a situation would turn up as reversed, but I don’t use reversals… so how do I tell? Usually I pick up a gut feeling from the client…who already knows deep down but is either in denial or it just hasn’t brought the information to the conscious mind yet. 

My advice if you become aware that something isn’t quite right, it more often than not, isn’t. Which can be extremely difficult to see their reaction at this revelation.

Recently, this question was posed to me and I drew the three cards you see at the beginning of this post. As I look at this trio, I see the couple in question in the Two of Cups, and the “other woman” as the Princess of Wands. My client was a younger married woman, so the Princess would give me the understanding that she too, was around the same age.

Now as for the Ace of Swords…I always hear the word “thoughts” in my head when I look at it and in this case, the Ace indicates that the gentlemen in question may be entertaining this idea in the present moment, as the Ace is in the middle, present position.

As for our Princess, she comes up in the future position, so either he is thinking about cheating or will be cheating in the near future….but it could also mean that said gentlemen may be somewhat oblivious about the Princess and all the thoughts are coming from her direction which would put it into the “home wrecker” arena. 

Again, clear questions and communication with the client will always indicate which perspective the cards are pointing to. As it turned out, the Princess of Wands was setting about to ensnare the man at the center of controversy and completely clueless to her intentions and my client was able to have a long heart to heart with her man and create a stronger bond between them, avoiding the cheating scenario altogether. 

It’s always a very delicate situation when these types of questions come up and as the reader, I feel it’s my responsibility to handle it as compassionately and honestly as I can while still answering the clients questions. 

Not using reversals can be challenging at first but as one reads for any length of time, the cards and intuition will always reveal the answer.

Emotional Roulette 

Published March 28, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

The British have a word in their vocabulary that no other word can cover…it’s the word “gutted” Meaning: To be ‘gutted’ about a situation means to be devastated and saddened.

This word perfectly describes the tarot Three of Swords. Many of us encounter this devastated feeling at least once in our life and soon after find that subconsciously, we try very hard to scoop up the remains and put them all back where they belong, often with little to no success. 

This was often the case in my (familial) line and sadly led to more than just a few emotionally damaged individuals who tried to repair such emptiness with alcohol and/or other addictions.

As a witness to this behavior as a child, I made sure that I would not take the same path in my life, knowing the consequences firsthand. I was lucky, I survived, but watched helplessly as one of my children struggled with the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, as only the one who is caught in addiction can turn their lives around….no matter how hard a parent wants to help.

The Knight of Swords often comes up to remind me that there is a fine line for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, we internalize our pain and it so easily can slip over into the hazy realm of trying to numb it all rather than facing our heartache and reopening old wounds.

I guess the message for me today is this: Sometimes in order to heal, we must examine our wounds even if it tears off the scabs, for if we do not reconcile that hole within ourselves, the damage will continue into all parts of our lives and old mindsets and outdated views can be passed on to our future generations without even being aware that it’s happening.

So, to those out there that might be struggling, as much as it hurts, embrace that part of yourself, be kind and allow yourself to heal… trying to hide from the pain will only end with the cycle being repeated again and again.

Oh No…Retrograde?!

Published December 19, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Today Mercury turns retrograde until January 8th, I can almost hear the gasps! 

But, never fear, there’s no reason to think the sky is falling and communication as we know it is out the proverbial window, here are some tips to make the next three weeks bearable:

1. Back up your data and any electronics.  This “ruler of communication” planet can get a little funny with your devices. In today’s world, it is hard to not communicate via texting, Facebook post, email, or even an archaic phone call. That being said, be careful and mindful of your devices. Could you really go three weeks, let alone a day, without your phone?

2. Don’t buy any big ticket items or sign any contracts.   During this time it’s almost necessary to check, re-check and double check any agreements or large purchases that could possibley come back to haunt you in the new year! As my grandmother said “Measure twice, cut once!”

3. Communication AggravationMercury is the planet of messages and communication, and when in retrograde, folks can seem confusing, ornery and downright cranky!

 Even I can fall victim to these sneaky snaffu’s being an Air sign, but no need to fear, just take a little more time understanding each other during this time and cut yourself and all you come into contact with, a little slack…after all, wouldn’t you like to same consideration yourself?

4. Revamp not Initiate.  Think of the retrograde as a periodic review, a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started. Where are the areas in you daily life that could use a little TLC? 

Make this a period of solidifying your foundations rather than establishing new ones! 
Perhaps this can be a great opportunity to reconnect with your roots or core beliefs, go for a stroll down memory lane and really focus on your blessings.

Most of all, RELAX! Try not to get yourself cornered into an anxiety nightmare where you develop negative tunnel vision. Use this time wisely and before you know it, it will be a hazy memory!

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An Anniversary To Remember

Published August 19, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Just one of 20 stones in commemoration of the Salem victims

Today marks a sad anniversary that most of the world has long forgotten. It is the 324th anniversary of one of the Salem Witch Trial victims, John Willard. 

John was only thirty five at the time of death and you are all probably wondering why I  focus on this specific day…I do because John Willard was my sixth Great Uncle.

Even in this day and age, as we think ourselves educated; intelligent and thoroughly modern individuals, religious tolerance has become an oxymoron. 

For individuals or groups that do not fit inside the little box of popular ideals, all nice and neat, there are many more hurdles to overcome…we can read about it or watch it on the daily news. It seems to surround us, despite our protests to the contrary.

I think a lot about August 19th, 1692 and the deadly mania that swept Salem back then, (since renamed “Danvers” in an attempt to distance itself from the horrible red stain in our history.)

You won’t find the true story of events that led up to this tragedy in the history books (1690’s law held that property and assets belonging to the convicted were forfeit to the leader of the community) and that’s a real shame because as George Santayana’s famous quote says: “Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.” 

An epithet that is still being sadly repeated three centuries after the conclusion of the trials.

So, today, I thought this would be a great time to grab my Thoth deck and see what Great Uncle John had to say about the lessons we need to always keep in our minds and hearts.

The question: “What lessons do we need to learn from this chapter of American history, called The Salem Witch Trials?”

Now, keep in mind that when I asked my question, I was addressing my Spirit Guide that assists me while working with my cards….

You may notice right away that the second and fourth cards seem to pop out at you….the Knight of Disks and the Hanged Man… This was letting me know that my Spirit Guide had stepped aside and Great Uncle John was delivering his message personally!

The Knight of Disks is an Earth element as many readers will know, but a little known fact about my Great Uncle was that his birthday fell on  January 15,1657 …making him an Earth sign.

 (Ironically, the Tarot card representing his birth sign is the Devil)

In history, Knights often went out on missions to bring order and secure boundaries for the local King or rulers, no different than a Knight, Great Uncle John was a Constable for his township and took his task seriously.

 Not soon after the hysteria began, John Willard had gone to his superiors and protested the ever widening net of accusations and spoke for those that were being falsely accused. 

He stepped down as Constable saying that he was in no way, shape or form supporting or being party to the madness.

The Hierophant (Rev. Samuel Parris, Uncle to Abagail Williams,one of the original accusers) the Five of Wands (the hysteria) and the Chariot (the speed of wild accusations and the voracity of fear and ignorance unchecked) all tell the rest of John’s story….

Towards the end of April, after Willard had abandoned his post as a constable and publicly doubted the girls accusations, he was himself, accused of being a witch. 

Great Uncle John, (the epitome of Knighthood) continued to, from behind bars and even as he walked to the gallows that day, protest that he and all of the others accused, were indeed innocent and continued to plea for the return of sanity and order.

What is his message to those who have ears?  

Intolerance founded on fear based dogmatic beliefs and willful ignorance will continue to race on….setting a raging fire to all in it’s path, leaving nothing but ash unless we, as the whole of humanity, step up to stop it.

Sometimes I pull a shadow card, which I take from the very bottom of the deck, it was Adjustment, (Justice, in Rider-Waite-Smith decks)

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Book Review- The Tarot and the Magus

Published August 15, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

After reading Tarot with the popular Rider-Waite style decks and numerous clones of such, I had reached a point in my life in which I could not shake an ever present nagging thought that there simply had to be more to reading the cards.

Time after time, shuffling, cutting and laying the tarot cards out in myriads of positional spreads year after year, I began my search for deeper meaning.

The Tarot and the Magus by Paul Hughes-Barlow caught my eye and I felt the first rush of fresh new inspiration.

Little did I know that his way of using the Golden Dawn’s OOTK (Opening Of The Key) method, that my love of Tarot would truly begin to transform myself and my ability to read for others.

With his no nonsense, tell it like it is style, the reader is drawn into an amazing experience of everyday twists and turns of ones mundane adventures to the realization of ones Spirituality and of the nature of the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel).

At this point, I must add that down through the ages, both the Thoth Tarot and particularly Aleister Crowley himself, have been maligned much to the detriment of true spiritually minded individuals looking for honest answers, leaving a gaping hole of knowledge that could have been acquired if not for misinformation and the pure guesswork of it’s critics.

The Tarot and the Magus is eleven chapters dealing with a range of subjects, starting with an introduction that includes his journey as he began writing this book.

Chapter one begins with the Fool, the Universe and the Aces, which concludes with the crowning glory of The Golden Dawn’s signature OOTK (Opening Of The Key) spread. Paul explains the basics of how to begin this spread so that nearly anyone can easily understand in this beginning of a magical operation.

Subsequent chapters cover both Major and Minor Arcana as well as the Courts and all of their correspondences needed to understand important sequences of events and their probable outcomes almost to the letter.

I was totally amazed at how accurate and detailed the Crowley Thoth is when using the elements, counting and pairing methods. I had struggled for years trying to get as in depth as I did in just a few days and using the techniques Paul teaches in this awesome book! It’s well worth it’s weight in gold!

The Tarot and the Magus also introduces Kabbala, the Tree of Life as well as subjects that show the reader how Tarot can be used with everything from mundane questions to magical operations alike, making this book appealing to novice or seasoned readers.

I’ve seen reviews stating that one must have some prior knowledge in these areas but in my honest opinion, a simple knowledge of basic tarot concepts and meanings are all that is really needed because after reading a few pages of The Tarot and the Magus inspires one to go deeper and further, thereby gaining a wealth of information that can transform lives.

I heartily recommend this book to any person who requires a rich and full world view!

ISBN: 978-1-90465-802-3.

Author: Paul Hughes-Barlow

Publisher: Aeon

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Review

Published July 22, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

From the amazing creatrix Lisa Hunt, (Fantastical Creatures; Animals Divine; Shapeshifter, and Celtic Dragon Tarot), comes her latest tarot creation… Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, a breathtakingly beautiful deck that utilizes tales and legends of ghosts and spirits from around the globe.

This stunning 79 card deck kept me on the very edge of my seat as I sat and watched it emerge card by card, on the Ghosts and Spirits FaceBook page and with each drawing Lisa posted I was absolutely blown away and I easily consider one of her finest works. 

Lisa, who makes her home in Boca Raton, Florida, is the creator/illustrator of numerous tarot decks, all of which are still in print and even been translated in many different languages. She has been a freelance artist for nearly twenty years and her intuitive connection with the spirit world shines quite brightly in her Ghosts and Spirits Tarot.

I was thoroughly thrilled when after receiving my deck, I found that there is a bonus card! I absolutely adore decks with extra cards such as the “Happy Squirrel” card found in Kat Black’s Touchstone Tarot and was even more blown away at the sheer depth of imagery found on this extra card which serves as a card for deeper reflections on the question asked.

The cards are beautifully bordered in a lovely parchment color with the title written in a gorgeous flowing script at the bottom of each card. The card stock is absolutely awesome, as usual with US Games decks, and it’s just the right size to be shuffled, even if you might have smaller hands. It has a wonderful glossy lamination and the design on the backs, which is pretty darned awesome in itself, features three swirling ghosts encircled by a ring of bones. The colors on the card backs are fantastically done and remind me of the beautiful patterns found on fine Batik fabric.

The LWB (little white book) accompanying the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot gives the story behind each ghost and where it originates as well as the definition of the card, although Lisa doesn’t give reversed meanings in the LWB, these cards can be read both upright and reversed. 

The imagery on the cards themselves are intricate and quite detailed and upon closer inspection, you can see faces and spirits reflected in the surrounding colors and patterns, such as the Fool, which details the Leshy (wood spirits that inhabit the dark forests of the Baltic’s) and all around this adventurer can be seen small sprites, stone creatures and faces peeking from the rocks and shrubbery. Such an awesome deck!

I usually look for my favorite cards when perusing a prospective deck but with The Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, there are just SO many wonderful cards I might as well admit that there is absolutely not one card that I do not connect with! The Ten of Cups pictures three figures from the festive Day of the Dead celebration that honors dead ancestors with feasts dancing and merriment. They are clothed in customary attire with blues, reds and yellows, surrounded by cups and faces reflected in Lisa’s surrounding artwork.

The Moon features the legend of Aeneus’ Journey to the Underworld and the imagery shows two figures, one of which Aeneus, who has come to search for his father in the mysterious and frightening underground passage that is symbolic of the unconscious and home to our greatest dreams and biggest fears. This card shows both the rich imagery of the rewarded as well as the torment and suffering of the punished, it too is among my favorite cards in the Ghost and Spirits Tarot.

This deck is simply too amazing and powerful that just descriptions alone do not come close to the wonder of holding this treasure in your hands and letting the Ghosts and Spirits speak to you in there own unique voice. I absolutely recommend this deck for both beginners and seasoned readers alike, it is truly a deck that one must have in their collection!

Publisher: US Games

Artist: Lisa Hunt

ISBN: 978-1-57281-661-9

images used with permission from US Games