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Published September 22, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Today’s message: (1- Rider) Cut (10-Scythe) out arguments and strife (11-Whip) from your life today, it would simply be a losing (23- Mice) battle. 
The Fairy Tale Lenormand 

Illustrated by Lisa Hunt

Written by Arwen Lynch



Published September 21, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

So, I was just checking out two new Lenormand decks from U.S Games….

The gorgeous Fairy Tale Lenormand by the amazing Lisa Hunt….and pulled four cards; 10- Scythe; 36- Cross; 12- Birds and 13-Child… Accident, death, gossip and a child.

From the equally beautiful Dreaming WayLenormand by Kwon Shina 9- Bouquet; 13-Child; 11- Whips and 24- Heart…a beautiful child, argument, love.

Not even five minutes later I get a breaking news blurb about the still unsolved Jon-Benèt Ramsey murder. 

Seems that investigators think the brother Burke accidentally killed her in a fit of rage (as it was known about his volatile temperament) and the parents covered it up to protect the child that they had left.

Coincidence? Perhaps the cards were giving me a heads-up….*cue twilight zone theme*


The Ripper Who…. Wasn’t?

Published December 28, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth

The Story

THE Jack the Ripper mystery that has kept the world enthralled since the killer first struck on the streets of Victorian London has been blown apart on the 125th anniversary of the grisly crimes by a former murder squad detective.

And the bad news for the countless millions of amateur sleuth who have spent years trying to identify the nation’s most notorious serial killer is that he never existed.

He was just dreamed up by a drunken journalist called Thomas Bulling who wrote a forged letter to Scotland Yard in 1888 pretending to be “Jack” so he could obtain a scoop.

More than 300 books and dozens of films and TV programmers have named in excess of 100 different men, often on the flimsiest of evidence, as the serial murderer who slashed the throats of five women who he then disemboweled, bringing terror to the gas lit streets of Whitechapel.

The suspects have included everyone from Queen Victoria’s grandson the Duke of Clarence to Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll.

Some even said a Sioux Indian warrior called Black Elk, who toured Britain with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in the 1880s, was the guilty man. Others believed child charity campaigner Dr Barnardo was “Jack”.

But Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective with Bedfordshire police, has spent 11 years carrying out a detailed cold-case review of the killings, he has trawled Scotland Yard’s files and used modern-day police techniques backed up with state of the art forensic analysis.

“The facts of this case have been totally distorted over the years,” said Mr Marriott.

“The general public have been completely misled by any number of authors and publishers.

“Jack is supposed to be responsible for five victims, but there were other similar murders before and after the ones attributed to him, both in this country and abroad in America and Germany.”

jack the ripper, murder, Whitechapel Jack terrorized Victorian London

In total Mr Marriott has discovered 17 unsolved Ripper-like murders committed between 1863 and 1894. He believes a German merchant seaman called Carl Feigenbaum was responsible for some, but not all of those killings.

Feigenbaum was a crew member on ships that regularly docked near Whitechapel. He was executed in New York in 1896 after being caught by US police fleeing the scene of a Ripper-style murder there.

“The reality is there was just a series of unsolved murders and they would have sunk into oblivion many years ago, but for a reporter called Thomas Bulling,” said Mr Marriott.

Bulling was a drunken journalist with many police contacts at Scotland Yard, who in 1888 was working for the London-based Central News Agency. He was paid to supply crime stories for newspapers.

“Police got a letter that Bulling had written about the murders which he signed ‘Jack the Ripper’,” said Mr Marriott.

“It was the most ingenious piece of journalism that has kept this mystery alive for 125 years. Even now any modern-day serial killer is called a ‘Ripper’.

“You have to ask yourself if ‘Jack’ is an urban myth. Around 80 per cent of the books about him have a picture of a chap on the front stalking the streets of London in a long black cape and a top hat.

“They were the clothes of an upper class, wealthy man. But back in 1888 if someone dressed like that had actually walked around Whitechapel in the dead of night they wouldn’t have lasted five minutes.

“It wasn’t just one of the most crime-riddled areas of London, it was one of the worst areas in the country. It’s a false image that has been created by the likes of Hollywood film makers.

“New facts have come to light, we’ve now disproved the claim that the killer removed organs from the victims at the scenes of the murders, the organs were removed later once they were in a mortuary.

“There just isn’t a Jack The Ripper as such.”

But the interest in the Ripper murders is still so strong that just this month the East London Advertiser, the newspaper that covers the Whitechapel area published a 12-page souvenir pull out to mark the 125th anniversary of the crimes.

Meanwhile Trevor Marriott is mid-way through a 36-date theater tour of the UK with his one man show called “Jack The Ripper A 21st Century Investigation” in which he reveals the research he has done and the forensic evidence that he says finally reveals the real story about the killings.

Enter The Lenormand……


The Significator:


The Insert:

Jack of Diamonds

dark hair, violent,11,man

Fox + Garden +Snake + Birds
manipulation of the media (newspapers)/
deception by a public figure

violent, 11, successful, talented

company/newspaper reporter/politician

Now, all of this is purely speculatory…. But just “What If” said freelance reporter took it upon himself to perhaps…add to the mix and create a few victims himself?

I would LOVE to hear your interpretations!

Story courtesy of the Express online newspaper

Deck Review- The Gilded Reverie Lenormand

Published November 21, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Gilded Reverie Lenormand

I must admit, I’ve been quite curious about the Lenormand fervor that has been sweeping many folks off their feet but always hesitated because  I figured that it may be more complex that I wanted to try to figure out. Until I saw The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by one of my favorite  deck creator, Ciro Marchetti.

I was absolutely blown away by this Lenormand deck! I’ve always loved Ciro’s Tarot art with his use of rich colors and interesting images parading through his decks so when I saw that U.S. Games had published a mass market version of his Lenormand deck, I emailed Lynn right away.

The first thing I delighted in was the clever box that this Lenormand deck comes in. At first, it looked like it should slide out like a sleeve but to my amazement, it actually flips up and opens like a treasured book. The front of the flip lid is the beautiful picture of the Birds card, numbered 12 and is beautifully accented with gilded scrolling and highlighted imagery. This was my first hint of the absolute treasure inside!

The cards themselves number from ( 1. ) Rider, to (36.)  Cross, a standard number for a Petit Lenormand and have breathtakingly shiny gilded edging! The backs are a lovely dual red and burgundy checks with decorative golden colored scrolling and border effects. Unlike Tarot, Lenormand is not read with reversals so this would be an awesome Lenormand introduction for beginners to start out with. The card stock is the same high quality that sets U.S. Games decks apart from the all others. The deck itself is a tad larger than traditional Lenormand decks at  2.75” x 4.125”  and shuffles amazingly.

The one thing that I noticed is that when you have your question in mind and are shuffling and laying out two or three cards,  the answers you get are quite clear and understandable…as well as outright blunt, but I admire in the deck. Answers that are somewhat hazy as with some Tarot decks , are perfectly clear with gorgeous Lenormand!  For instance…(32.)Moon+(27) Letter can indicate that you will  get a letter of recognition or an award from your boss or a love letter from your sweetie arrives.

Unlike Tarot cards, these cards come with keywords, playing card inserts and can be learned in just a few short weeks. There are some wonderful Lenormand study groups and blogs out there to help if you want to know all the little tips and tricks. The Gilded Reverie can be read using the keywords for each card or along with the inserts as well to add a slightly different dimension to the answers that it provides. There is a LWB (little white book) that comes with this deck that gives intriguing insights into what the card means, layouts that you can try, and a brief history of The Lenormand as used as an oracle.

The Gilded Reverie has absolutely won me over and in just a week and a half, I was reading the image keywords and building sentences with lines of 3, 5 and block of 9 cards (so proud of myself!) I must say, this is an amazing deck and the way that Lenormand shows exactly what you need to do…no holds barred …It may just overtake my Tarot heart. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone from beginner or seasoned reader, Tarot or Lenormand cards give this deck a go, it will definitely surprise you with it’s answers.

Artist: Ciro Marchetti

Publisher: U.S.Games

ISBN: 978-1-57281-754-8