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Oh No…Retrograde?!

Published December 19, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Today Mercury turns retrograde until January 8th, I can almost hear the gasps! 

But, never fear, there’s no reason to think the sky is falling and communication as we know it is out the proverbial window, here are some tips to make the next three weeks bearable:

1. Back up your data and any electronics.  This “ruler of communication” planet can get a little funny with your devices. In today’s world, it is hard to not communicate via texting, Facebook post, email, or even an archaic phone call. That being said, be careful and mindful of your devices. Could you really go three weeks, let alone a day, without your phone?

2. Don’t buy any big ticket items or sign any contracts.   During this time it’s almost necessary to check, re-check and double check any agreements or large purchases that could possibley come back to haunt you in the new year! As my grandmother said “Measure twice, cut once!”

3. Communication AggravationMercury is the planet of messages and communication, and when in retrograde, folks can seem confusing, ornery and downright cranky!

 Even I can fall victim to these sneaky snaffu’s being an Air sign, but no need to fear, just take a little more time understanding each other during this time and cut yourself and all you come into contact with, a little slack…after all, wouldn’t you like to same consideration yourself?

4. Revamp not Initiate.  Think of the retrograde as a periodic review, a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started. Where are the areas in you daily life that could use a little TLC? 

Make this a period of solidifying your foundations rather than establishing new ones! 
Perhaps this can be a great opportunity to reconnect with your roots or core beliefs, go for a stroll down memory lane and really focus on your blessings.

Most of all, RELAX! Try not to get yourself cornered into an anxiety nightmare where you develop negative tunnel vision. Use this time wisely and before you know it, it will be a hazy memory!

The Bone Fire Tarot                         Gabi Angus-West                      Schiffer Books


An Anniversary To Remember

Published August 19, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Just one of 20 stones in commemoration of the Salem victims

Today marks a sad anniversary that most of the world has long forgotten. It is the 324th anniversary of one of the Salem Witch Trial victims, John Willard. 

John was only thirty five at the time of death and you are all probably wondering why I  focus on this specific day…I do because John Willard was my sixth Great Uncle.

Even in this day and age, as we think ourselves educated; intelligent and thoroughly modern individuals, religious tolerance has become an oxymoron. 

For individuals or groups that do not fit inside the little box of popular ideals, all nice and neat, there are many more hurdles to overcome…we can read about it or watch it on the daily news. It seems to surround us, despite our protests to the contrary.

I think a lot about August 19th, 1692 and the deadly mania that swept Salem back then, (since renamed “Danvers” in an attempt to distance itself from the horrible red stain in our history.)

You won’t find the true story of events that led up to this tragedy in the history books (1690’s law held that property and assets belonging to the convicted were forfeit to the leader of the community) and that’s a real shame because as George Santayana’s famous quote says: “Those who do not remember the past, are doomed to repeat it.” 

An epithet that is still being sadly repeated three centuries after the conclusion of the trials.

So, today, I thought this would be a great time to grab my Thoth deck and see what Great Uncle John had to say about the lessons we need to always keep in our minds and hearts.

The question: “What lessons do we need to learn from this chapter of American history, called The Salem Witch Trials?”

Now, keep in mind that when I asked my question, I was addressing my Spirit Guide that assists me while working with my cards….

You may notice right away that the second and fourth cards seem to pop out at you….the Knight of Disks and the Hanged Man… This was letting me know that my Spirit Guide had stepped aside and Great Uncle John was delivering his message personally!

The Knight of Disks is an Earth element as many readers will know, but a little known fact about my Great Uncle was that his birthday fell on  January 15,1657 …making him an Earth sign.

 (Ironically, the Tarot card representing his birth sign is the Devil)

In history, Knights often went out on missions to bring order and secure boundaries for the local King or rulers, no different than a Knight, Great Uncle John was a Constable for his township and took his task seriously.

 Not soon after the hysteria began, John Willard had gone to his superiors and protested the ever widening net of accusations and spoke for those that were being falsely accused. 

He stepped down as Constable saying that he was in no way, shape or form supporting or being party to the madness.

The Hierophant (Rev. Samuel Parris, Uncle to Abagail Williams,one of the original accusers) the Five of Wands (the hysteria) and the Chariot (the speed of wild accusations and the voracity of fear and ignorance unchecked) all tell the rest of John’s story….

Towards the end of April, after Willard had abandoned his post as a constable and publicly doubted the girls accusations, he was himself, accused of being a witch. 

Great Uncle John, (the epitome of Knighthood) continued to, from behind bars and even as he walked to the gallows that day, protest that he and all of the others accused, were indeed innocent and continued to plea for the return of sanity and order.

What is his message to those who have ears?  

Intolerance founded on fear based dogmatic beliefs and willful ignorance will continue to race on….setting a raging fire to all in it’s path, leaving nothing but ash unless we, as the whole of humanity, step up to stop it.

Sometimes I pull a shadow card, which I take from the very bottom of the deck, it was Adjustment, (Justice, in Rider-Waite-Smith decks)

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Deck Preview Review- The Tarot Of Delphi

Published November 12, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Self published Tarot decks are some of the most unique and endearing decks around, they just seem to have that special quality that is often missing in their mass market counterparts. I’ve been really excited to see that “crowd funded” websites are starting to gain in popularity and giving many exceptionally beautiful Tarot projects and their creators the recognition that they deserve.

Today, I would like to introduce to you The Tarot of Delphi, a fine art tarot deck illustrated with authentic Neoclassical Victorian art from 1838 to 1913.  Neoclassical Victorian art should not be  just something we go to museums to view… “Oooing and Ahhhing” over carefully matted and framed canvases, hanging passively on sterile walls … Art is only functional if it can inspire us, allow us to heal, motivate us, and take our breath away with  gorgeous lines, effects of shadow and light and use of color that evokes deep emotional responses. It is a way of communicating with each other, much like the art of Tarot, bringing out the best in all of us.

These beautiful paintings are characterized by its highly romantic nature and the influence of historical and mythological themes on its subject matter. Art that was inspired by Classical Greece and Roman architecture. Collaged from examples of fine artworks from the late 1830s to the early 1910s, The Tarot of Delphi is like a Sunday visit to the local museum.

A 79 card Tarot deck, with 22 Major Arcana, 40 Minor Arcana and 16 Court cards, (surprise, an extra card! )  a 32-page booklet, packaged and a full-color tuck box. The cards measure 3.07” x 5.04” (78 x 128 mm) and should shuffle quite nicely. Some of the paintings are well-known masterpieces, and others,  while equally as amazing ,  are relatively unknown and have been more difficult to acquire, as with artists such as Lawrence Alma-Tadema; John Collier; Edith Ridley Corbet; Walter Crane, and Herbert James Draper … these poignant images have made a remarkably attractive tarot deck.

This is going to be a beautiful,  and inspiring deck, I truly hope you will hop on over to Janet’s Kickstarter Page and see for yourself!


Creatrix:  Janet Hinkel

Kickstarter  Page

Deck Review- The Black Cats Tarot

Published August 29, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth

The Black Cats Tarot

Coal black fur relax; Jade eyes stare at worlds between here and there. Show me…

For millennia, cats have held our fascination… aloof; mysterious and elegant creatures, they slip quietly into our lives in story and poem and even worshipped by the Egyptians as gods long ago.  Often thought of as companions to witches, black cats have often been the unlucky recipients of superstition, fear and more than their share of bad press.

Today, however, the black cat is enjoying a new wave of attention, almost gone are the theories and conjecture about bad luck and silly superstitions.  One look into their deep and secretive eyes and our hearts are captured. Being owned by a sleek black cat myself, I was absolutely thrilled to see a Tarot deck full of these enigmatic little companions. Created by Maria Kurara, The Black Cats Tarot is published  by Lo Scarabeo and distributed by Llewellyn Worldwide, I love the theme of these magical creatures leaping, playing and delving deep into the great questions and mysteries of life.

A 78 card, Rider-Waite style deck, The Black Cats Tarot embodies  black cat’s independence, intelligence and ferocity as they seemingly prance across the cards, guiding us between the worlds of fantasy and reality…

I love the size of this deck, at approximately 2 7/8 x 4 3/4  it’s the just the right size to shuffle and is great for those with smaller hands.  They are made of a bit thinner card stock than I’m used to but I’m not that tough on a deck as to bend or damage these lovely cards, a  rougher shuffler may want to take a little more care.

The cards sport a thin black border on each side, with a bit more space at the top  for the Roman numerals in the Major Arcana and regular numbers at the top of the Minors.  At the bottom of the Minor Arcana , is either a Cup representing Chalices, a Coin for Pentacles, Sword or Wand designating the suit from which it comes and symbols representing the designation in the Courts of Knave, Knight, Queen and King.  I was quite taken by the fact that there is no wording across the cards to distract the reader or client, leaving the imagery to literally leap out before you.  At the corners of this imaginative and quite the whimsical deck, one can find white, lacey flourishes framing the images as if surrounded by an elegant picture frame.

As with any new deck, I always seek out a few specific cards such as The High Priestess, The Hermit, The Moon and The Star…to really get a feel of how a deck will read for me. It sounds a tad strange I know, but I’ve found that it’s a really good indicator of the continuity of a deck.  I was impressed at all the bejewelled black cats pouncing through this deck,and  keeping close to the Rider-Waite structure, the imagery is flawless and quite visually appealing.

There are two, totally white cats in this deck, which at first had me a bit curious but as I looked deeper through the cards, their  reason became apparent…I know that you’re probably wondering which cards the white kitties appear on, but I must admit, you will have to remain in suspense…

I was immediately taken by the Lovers card in which two cats appear to be waltzing at the beginnings of three paths,  in keeping with the theme of choices as shown in the more traditional image of the Rider-Waite  deck.  The two characters seem to glide effortlessly, poised high among the clouds. Another intriguing card that instantly caught my attention was the Hermit…usually a cloaked figure, stealing away by himself to focus on his inner light. The Black Cats Tarot, however, is a singular figure, holding a lit white candle and is seated in a boat that appears to  race towards a brilliant white light shining in from the edge of the card.  I absolutely love this interpretation of the Hermit as it gives a slightly more emphatic feeling of seeking out that quiet inner space… of purpose and focus. There are just too many marvelous cards to list here without giving away the secrets of the Black Cats deck.

With this deck also comes the standard LWB (little white book) that gives short and concise explanations in six different languages of English, Italian, Spanish French, German and Portuguese,which makes it accessible for those with different languages. The backs are undeniably memorable too, for they show a mirror imaged, elegant black cat, wearing a beautiful gold crown atop her head allowing for the incorporation of reversed cards if you so choose.

The Black Cats Tarot is an amazing deck that can be read by both beginners and seasoned readers alike, allowing the reader and client to quickly become enamored with these truly special Black Cats! I would  like to extend my gratitude  to Amelia at Llewellyn for allowing me the opportunity to review such a charming deck.  Please make the leap over to Llewellyn and check out this sleek Black Cat Tarot gem!

The Black Cats Tarot1

Created by: Maria Kurara

Published by Lo Scarabeo

Distributed by Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 978-0738738789

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Mad Max and The Fool

Published August 20, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth

The Gypsy Palace Tarot1

A long time ago…(way before dirt, as my children would say…) There was an awesome book published called “Where the Wild Things Are”  by Maurice Sendak and as a child, it became my most favorite book out of all the books I had collected…and that was A LOT back then…  Anyhow, the book was all about a boy named Max, who one day was feeling quite adventurous and wild…. ran about his house leaving it in total and utter disarray. His mum, was so upset that she sent the very busy Max to his room. Consequently, Max sat and fumed and fussed at his mum for sending him to his room because he had felt that this punishment quite unjust!

Suddenly, as he sat angry with his mum, something extraordinary began to happen…. His room began to transform into a wild and tangled jungle…and as this story progresses, he winds up sailing to an island inhabited by malicious beasts known as the “Wild Things.” After successfully intimidating the creatures, calming their wild ways… Max is hailed as the king of the Wild Things and enjoys a playful romp with his subjects… later, he decides to return home.

After arriving back in his own house, Max discovers a hot supper waiting for him and we are left with a wonderful lesson, engagingly  illustrated  by the psychoanalytic story of anger. I speak about this story today because like Max, I lost my temper.

I’m usually quite patient with people, I like to give folks the benefit of doubt…but for some reason I had just about enough of people that given day and I lashed out,  nearly snapping sweeties head off.  When I have moments like that, I always wait until I cool down and then draw a Tarot card or two just to see what I could learn from the situation. That day, I had just received The Gypsy Palace Tarot  from the amazing Nora Huszka…..so I thought I would shuffle and see what this unique and beautiful deck had to say about it.

I was utterly and totally taken aback when I turned over my first card…it was The Fool! I had previously thumbed through the deck and right off noticed that this particular Fool card  looked almost like the “Wild Things” from that once much loved book from my childhood. I instantly realized the message: ” Do not get caught up in how you got upset and lashed out.  Put that one negative incident behind you and start again as Max got his second chance  with his mum having forgiven him, preparing a nice hot meal… just like Max…Sweetie did not hold this moment against me, accepting my anger …giving me the gift of starting over fresh! “

Review- Tarot, Rituals, & You

Published June 7, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth


I just love Bonnie Cehovet, so when Schiffer offered to let me review her new book, I absolutely positively fired back an email right away saying “YES, YES, YES!”  Her new book Tarot, Rituals, & You demonstrates the amazing power of Tarot combined with the awesome power of ritual.

This fantastic book is 96 pages and may seem a bit small but I’m telling you, the information that Bonnie has included will absolutely blow you away! Bonnie starts out by explaining  just what a ritual really is, by asking the reader to think about how they define a ritual and by pondering that very question, I actually discovered that I had many forms of ritual that I practiced but never really put much thought into whether or not it was something that I did on a regular daily basis, take for instance my routine of drawing three cards each night before bed…That in itself can be considered a ritual and as such becomes a powerful grounding influence on my daily life.

Tarot, Rituals, & You has a rather impressive list of topics covered within it’s pages such as… using ritual directly with the Tarot cards; ritual in daily readings; using ritual for personal growth; honoring moon cycles and SO much more that it would take me pages just to explain what a treasure this book is! I’m particularly fond of the sections about Tarot shadow work. Tarot shadow work, in my honest opinion is the most important avenue that a person can undertake, especially when coming from an extremely dysfunctional background like myself. By recognizing our shadow selves and incorporating these areas in our lives helps to find the resolution or peace of mind and spirit that so many search for.

Another greatly insightful dialog that this book covers and that I positively adore, is the section is “Honoring the Moon cycles through ritual.” This is an area in my personal life that has pretty much gone by the wayside in recent months and Tarot Rituals, & You covers both the Full and Dark (New) Moon rituals that when put into practice, perfectly connects one with the subconscious, intuitive selves  and serves a greater purpose…tapping into our psychic sense (something that I believe we are all capable of)  but not sure how to access such information.

There is one more subject that I would like to touch on  is “Entering the Major Arcana” in which Bonnie quite thoroughly covers with pertinent questions and thoughts to ponder as we take a card and wander into it’s landscape , there is so much information that one can glean by studying each card this way…sometimes we can gain insights that have up until this time, have eluded us. Oh my goodness, I could go on and on, but I’ve gotta tell you, there is so much more included that I haven’t even touched on that I heartily encourage you, the reader to stop by Schiffer and give this book a read! I can guarantee that no one will walk away disappointed!


Publisher: Schiffer Books

Author: Bonnie Cehovet

IBSN: 978-0-7643-4318-6

Deck Review- Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Published June 3, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth




Magical Times OracleI’ve been waiting anxiously for this amazing deck to come out since I heard that US Games was going to publish it! I followed Jody’s artwork of the Magical Times that started trickling down on FaceBook, one card at a time…but Oh, what a gorgeous set of cards!

It seemed to take FOREVER before I got the word that I was going to be able to review it and wow…As I sat opening this deck, my eyeballs just about popped out of my head…this deck was beyond what I had hoped for!  Magical Times Empowerment Cards will absolutely knock your socks off with Jody Bergsma’s exquisite imagery, powerful positive affirmations and a sturdy yet stunning hard flip top box.

Some of you may recognize Jody’s other deck, The Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck, which in itself is a fantastic set of cards.  Jody began her journey with art at an early age and with her mother’s encouragement, was invited to her first art show at fifteen and has dozens of awards which incorporate her unique style of imagery containing fantasy, wildlife,and geometric designs that can be seen in several of the Magical Times cards.

Jody’s use of affirmations…  affirmations are sayings that can be used to manifest your needs and bring positive and permanent change to your life…in each card gently allow the reader to align their energy and can be read in two ways…1.) Direct cards, straight forward meanings that provide an insight or call to action and 2.) Reversed cards that can indicate a potential blockage or imbalance in your energy that needs some attention.

This card deck contains 44 graceful, and interactive portraits, that cause the reader to pause and reflect on their journey by asking “What does this mean…?”  “What information is this particular card trying to impart to me…?” Both wonderful questions that once asked and reflected upon, can be written down in a journal to keep observations and insights in. The affirmations are written in a flowing script style, giving it a unique feel, with some words highlighted in bold. 

There is a awesome LWB (Little White Book) that is not really little but contains affirmations a bit more in length than what is simply written on each card so the reader can fully grasp it’s meaning and possible message.

This has got to be the most awesome deck this year, I love the muted shades of soft summer colors, hints of green, lavender and earthy gold hues. It all adds up to make this an amazing, most definitely a must have deck, as with all US Games decks! The cardstock is perfection and I love the larger than average size along with the  reversible backs with their bright and cheery circles.

All in all, this is an absolutely wonderful deck that I heartily encourage everyone to go look at! It’s a “Must Have” for any person, go look, you’ll see!



Publisher: US Games Systems

Artist: Jody Bergsma

ISBN 978-1-57281-723-4