I’m a solitary practitioner of the craft and what you might call a cat lover and tarot enthusiast, or was that a tarot lover and cat enthusiast…I also love to be out digging in the soil planting my herbs and making herbal tea mixtures that promote health as well as vitality.

I have been reading the Tarot for nearly twelve years now, and it is truly a wonderful way to connect with the Universe (or higher selves, if you prefer) and solve our everyday problems and concerns.

I review tarot and oracle decks from US Games Systems and Schiffer Books, two absolutely wonderful organizations where you can find amazing decks and books!

I love to make new friendships, talk about major issues or just shoot the breeze so if you ever have any questions I would be more than happy to assist you with life’s questions using the insightful Tarot

6th great Niece of John Willard, Salem Witch Trial victim.


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  • Hi. I am Serena Longwood and just started getting into Tarot. I decided to make 22 day challenge to understand the energy of the 22 Major cards. I guess you can say I am starting my own fool’s journey! Any suggestions when interpreting cards? =)

    • My best advice is…Put down the LWB (little white book) that comes with most decks, get a notebook and start writing down your observations of each card, how does it make you feel? What’s happening in the card? Is there a color or symbol that stands out or catches your eye? Keep doing that and you’ll be connecting with your cards in no time at all!

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