“Those” Cards

Published May 31, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth


Everyone has been there at least once…Those cards in Tarot that cause us to shudder, gasp and groan. 
Lately, mine is the Devil card, I inwardly groan at it’s sight and often will rush through my personal readings just so I can put this offensive card back in the deck, like it’s very appearance will cause immediate and swift consequences…absurd I know.

So, how does someone deal with “negative ” cards or any card that causes such a commotion? Here’s a little trick I like to use to help me understand the message that cards like this have, because obviously,  there’s something that I need to address at the time.

Here’s my trick, grab your deck and shuffle, keeping in mind that you are trying to understand it’s significance and pull three cards….like below

Here are the three I pulled to find out more about the Devil and his message…

Firstly, comes Judgement, a call to action.  What is the action? I am being called to actually do something.  Being somewhat lazy by nature, the Devil is pretty much in my face about getting up and start being motivated to change something about myself. Yup, I just got called out by a Tarot card!

Next up is Eight of Swords….limited thinking.  By avoiding the message from the Devil, I am keeping myself limited in my thinking about the things I  need to change which in turn halts any forward progress I might want to make. That would suck!

Lastly, The Hanged Man bluntly tells me that until I do something about my stagnant position, I won’t be going any farther. Stasis is not a happy place to be!

Putting the Tarot’s message together, I can see that the Devil’s intent is actually a good thing and all that kerfluffle has been much ado about nothing! 

Consider me “schooled” That’s right folks, ask and you shall receive. 


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