Is he cheating?

Published April 9, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

If you’ve been reading the Tarot for the public for any lengthy of time, this question will inevitably pop up. I usually cringe at romance related questions because, being an empath, I can understand all too well what it feels like to receive an answer you may not all together be prepared for.

Many of the cards that would indicate such a situation would turn up as reversed, but I don’t use reversals… so how do I tell? Usually I pick up a gut feeling from the client…who already knows deep down but is either in denial or it just hasn’t brought the information to the conscious mind yet. 

My advice if you become aware that something isn’t quite right, it more often than not, isn’t. Which can be extremely difficult to see their reaction at this revelation.

Recently, this question was posed to me and I drew the three cards you see at the beginning of this post. As I look at this trio, I see the couple in question in the Two of Cups, and the “other woman” as the Princess of Wands. My client was a younger married woman, so the Princess would give me the understanding that she too, was around the same age.

Now as for the Ace of Swords…I always hear the word “thoughts” in my head when I look at it and in this case, the Ace indicates that the gentlemen in question may be entertaining this idea in the present moment, as the Ace is in the middle, present position.

As for our Princess, she comes up in the future position, so either he is thinking about cheating or will be cheating in the near future….but it could also mean that said gentlemen may be somewhat oblivious about the Princess and all the thoughts are coming from her direction which would put it into the “home wrecker” arena. 

Again, clear questions and communication with the client will always indicate which perspective the cards are pointing to. As it turned out, the Princess of Wands was setting about to ensnare the man at the center of controversy and completely clueless to her intentions and my client was able to have a long heart to heart with her man and create a stronger bond between them, avoiding the cheating scenario altogether. 

It’s always a very delicate situation when these types of questions come up and as the reader, I feel it’s my responsibility to handle it as compassionately and honestly as I can while still answering the clients questions. 

Not using reversals can be challenging at first but as one reads for any length of time, the cards and intuition will always reveal the answer.


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