Tuning In….

Published April 8, 2013 by Tarot By Elizabeth


Allowing Spirit to speak through the Tarot isn’t always rainbows and roses…Life  is often unfair and although I’m very aware of this, sometimes the message is very sad…especially when the message will cause pain to someone that you love.  Last Thursday was one such time, you see, a child who is very dear to me had taken her kitty to the vet because he had suddenly become very sick. I called my mom that day, mainly just to chat and the topic of poor Perro came up. My mom surprised me a bit when she asked me to pull a few cards and see what they had to say about the situation. So, I shuffled and drew…It was instantly clear that the news was not going to be happy. I was using the new Fantastical Creatures Tarot by the fabulous Lisa Hunt and DJ Conway because it just seemed the right deck to use in this situation and The Knight of Swords, Ten of Swords and Three of Swords came up.

I knew that it would break Nikki’s heart (she’s a cat lover such as myself) and that made my heart heavy as I relayed Spirit’s message back to my mom. A small part of me wished secretly that perhaps I was wrong but deep in my heart I knew that wasn’t the case. I didn’t want to cause undo pain for Nikki, she was in distress enough at this time, so I asked my mom just to keep it between us. I waited till Friday afternoon to ask my guides if anything had changed and once again, the Three of Swords popped up .  Friday night I was looking at Perro’s picture on my altar, still sending comforting energy, letting my mind wander and out of nowhere, this overwhelming, nearly hysterical fear washed over me and I could not miss it’s message. I had made contact with Perro’s energy and the feelings that overwhelmed me came straight from this little fellow. He was very afraid of dying alone and was almost panicked that he could possibly be left at the vets so far from his beloved Nikki.

I instantly sent a message to Nikki and relayed his message…”please don’t leave me  here”  and asked her if she could take him to be buried at mom’s where she could visit often. She got right back to me and let me know that she was indeed going to take him to a special spot at my mom’s… already picked out. The relief that washed over me was palpable…I shed more than my share of tears that evening, knowing that Perro was relieved and needed  not to worry…sometimes tuning in to others emotions is a tough thing to experience.

It’s strange how Spirit works, it will never cease to amaze me even when the messages are sad…..


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