Trick or Treat!

Published October 31, 2011 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Halloween is the most magical time of year when adults and children can transform themselves into anyone or anything they like! It’s a day to embrace your darkest imagination and put it on display for the world to see. As little ghouls and goblins prepare to emerge into the night to claim their bounty of treats and Halloween parties abound…I cooked up this little Tarot spread in honor of all the wonderful festivities that can be found

Trick or Treat Spread

Card 1) The Halloween Costume– The situation.
Card 2) The Trick: The Shadow/The unexpected
Card 3) The Treat: The positive side/Opportunities
Card 4) The Candy Bag: The outcome.

The Costume– How appropriate I thought as I layed down the Two Of Pumpkins, with his festive attire and flashy orange mask, this fellow definately has a flair for a Halloween costume! This card indicates a period of change and transition. Trying to manage these fluctuations of events can be quite frustrating and overwhelming. The best approach would be to go with the flow… With this in mind, however, you still need to navigate the directions you wish to take. The Two of Pumpkins urges you to utilize your skills of practicality. because, the more you center yourself, the easier it will be to remain flexible and adaptable.

The Trick– The King of Ghosts- Oh my, beware all who tread here our shadow/unexpected card is…The King of Ghosts still has feelings like he does upright but reversed, he may not have as much control over them as he would like. This card can symbolize an unstable emotional environment where communication is neither clear nor focused and may represent some deeply felt emotions which cannot be expressed or dealt with adequately. Appearing  reversed he shows us that we may have lost our perspective on things and are caught up in the emotions of ourselves and others.  Secrets may also be kept from one or more of those involved when this card shows up reversed. This King can regain his emotional perspective if he just steps back and removes himself from that which has upended his emotions instead of letting those emotions rule over him.

The TreatSix of Ghosts  When you find yourself lounging about and reminiscing about your childhood, or for that matter, better days in general, you know that you are well and truly in the thrall of the Six of Ghosts. It’s one of those cards that is determined to take you back to what will probably seem like better days compared to where you are. Nostalgia can be a powerful thing, but when the Six of Ghosts shows up, this nostalgia is hanging around for a reason. There’s a good chnce that you’re feeling that something important is missing and you’re searching your past for a time when it was there. This could potentially be a very good thing , as long as you realize what you’re looking for. Looking to the past is only as useful as whatever you’re able to bring to the present.

The Candy BagThe Lovers This card is one of my all time favorites. Many people love seeing this card appear in a spread. Of course when we see this card we automatically think of love, romance, marriage and a happy future. But it can mean more than that depending on what we are focusing on.  In the Halloween Tarot,  we can see a lovely young woman reclining on her settee as the enigmatic Dracula appears at the window and as we all know, Dracula’s charm can be totally overwhelming. The emotion and desire associated with this card is powerful and represents deep love. Sometimes it may not refer to intimate relationships but to a force that draws two entities together – people, ideas, events or groups.  The Lovers signifies a tough decision and is symbolic of the need to overcome temptation when at a crossroads in your life. This card suggests a need to maintain a firm belief in yourself, and trust that your own moral values and principles will show you the right path, even when intoxicating forces are tempting you to take the wrong one.

I hope that you all enjoyed this spread and I hope you will give it a try and see what’s in store for you this Halloween…

Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! 


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