Deck Review- Yoga Cats

Published July 8, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

We’ve all heard of the benefits of owning a cat such as reduced stress; lower blood pressure and    most of all, the general all over happiness we feel when owning such a majestic yet curiously aloof animal. 

Many of us already know how a regular yoga practice can assist us in becoming more flexible; calm and even more resistant to illnesses such as colds, but not too many have considered combining the two popular activities mentioned above!

Say hello to Yoga Cats, featuring the phenomenal photography of Daniel Borris and it’s accompanying 96 page guidebook written by Alison DeNicola. Dan Borris’ work has appeared in magazines like Vanity Fair; Rolling Stone and The New York Times and photography for the Gap and Time Warner.

Alison DeNicola is a successful Five Element Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer and author.  Her two books, Mudras for Awakening the Energy Body and Mudras for Awakening of the Five Elements deck and book sets also published by U.S. Games Systems. She can be found living and teaching in Stamford Connecticut.

It was love at first sight for me, being a nut for cats and a beginning Yoga student myself. I was however, not quite sure what treat was in store for me until I opened the sturdy cardboard box and got my first glance at these awesome little felines in adorable yoga poses.

In its full color booklet, the reader is first introduced to this deck by a few short paragraphs about how the deck can be used. Like shuffling the cards each day and drawing one card that can inspire your spirit with one of 44 images and messages.  

These large, beautiful cards can be used in a more intuitive way by asking questions such as “What do I need to be mindful of at this time?” and allowing the image and message to guide you into a more mindful state.

I absolutely adore the way each cat is named and embody their individual purrsonities! The Yoga poses are described in its booklet for a more detailed benefits of the poses and how to add them to your regular yoga routine or as a way to begin a regular routine for stress reduction and inner calm.

This is an amazing deck that will pleasantly surprise as well as inspire you to step out of your  day to day routine and add a little magic and healthy habits to your life. No prior knowledge of oracle cards or affirmations are needed, anyone can enjoy Yoga Cats right out of the box!


Deck Review- Secrets of the Mystic Grove

Published July 7, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Over the last few years, Oracle decks have been gaining in popularity among Tarot and non Tarot readers alike. Many readers choose to use an Oracle deck in addition to the Tarot cards they may pull each day, giving them a little bit more depth and insight into messages that are important.

One new Oracle deck,  Secrets of the Mystic Grove  is a truly beautiful new deck from U.S Games featuring artwork from Mary Alayna Thomas coupled with the amazing Arwen Lynch crafting the book of interpretations that accompanies this 44 card deck.

This Oracle deck invites it’s user to enter into the world of imagination and beauty, that quickly enfolds you in its mystical landscape. Cards such as 43: Unity that welcomes you to the realm of spirit, and a gorgeous air of zen. Amongst the purple banner and a pair of charming chickadees you will find butterflies, roses and the theme of connectedness, harmony and equilibrium. 

Card 22: Beauty.  A woman in deep thought poses on this card along with orange blossoms, maidenhair ferns and a colorful little bird. Self esteem; Radiance and Strength are the message of this card, encouraging the reader to choose that which brings joy to their hearts and brings forth your inner radiance.

This deck is a bit bigger than most decks but the size is awesome for getting the most from the amazing artwork. It truly does beg a deeper stroll into this magical world of insight and discovery. 

The accompanying booklet, 95 pages long and full of different ways that you can integrate its meanings into your daily life and at the end of each cards narrative, there are three very insightful journaling prompts that will help you integrate its message as it applies to your life, making it quite personal.

I absolutely adore these cards, each morning I pull one or two for my day or use the special spread included at the end of the booklet. Secrets of the Mystic Grove can be used as a stand alone method of introspection or alongside of your favorite Tarot deck. This is a wonderful deck that can be used if you’ve had Oracle card experiences or if you’re an absolute beginner.

“Those” Cards

Published May 31, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth


Everyone has been there at least once…Those cards in Tarot that cause us to shudder, gasp and groan. 
Lately, mine is the Devil card, I inwardly groan at it’s sight and often will rush through my personal readings just so I can put this offensive card back in the deck, like it’s very appearance will cause immediate and swift consequences…absurd I know.

So, how does someone deal with “negative ” cards or any card that causes such a commotion? Here’s a little trick I like to use to help me understand the message that cards like this have, because obviously,  there’s something that I need to address at the time.

Here’s my trick, grab your deck and shuffle, keeping in mind that you are trying to understand it’s significance and pull three cards….like below

Here are the three I pulled to find out more about the Devil and his message…

Firstly, comes Judgement, a call to action.  What is the action? I am being called to actually do something.  Being somewhat lazy by nature, the Devil is pretty much in my face about getting up and start being motivated to change something about myself. Yup, I just got called out by a Tarot card!

Next up is Eight of Swords….limited thinking.  By avoiding the message from the Devil, I am keeping myself limited in my thinking about the things I  need to change which in turn halts any forward progress I might want to make. That would suck!

Lastly, The Hanged Man bluntly tells me that until I do something about my stagnant position, I won’t be going any farther. Stasis is not a happy place to be!

Putting the Tarot’s message together, I can see that the Devil’s intent is actually a good thing and all that kerfluffle has been much ado about nothing! 

Consider me “schooled” That’s right folks, ask and you shall receive. 

Is he cheating?

Published April 9, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

If you’ve been reading the Tarot for the public for any lengthy of time, this question will inevitably pop up. I usually cringe at romance related questions because, being an empath, I can understand all too well what it feels like to receive an answer you may not all together be prepared for.

Many of the cards that would indicate such a situation would turn up as reversed, but I don’t use reversals… so how do I tell? Usually I pick up a gut feeling from the client…who already knows deep down but is either in denial or it just hasn’t brought the information to the conscious mind yet. 

My advice if you become aware that something isn’t quite right, it more often than not, isn’t. Which can be extremely difficult to see their reaction at this revelation.

Recently, this question was posed to me and I drew the three cards you see at the beginning of this post. As I look at this trio, I see the couple in question in the Two of Cups, and the “other woman” as the Princess of Wands. My client was a younger married woman, so the Princess would give me the understanding that she too, was around the same age.

Now as for the Ace of Swords…I always hear the word “thoughts” in my head when I look at it and in this case, the Ace indicates that the gentlemen in question may be entertaining this idea in the present moment, as the Ace is in the middle, present position.

As for our Princess, she comes up in the future position, so either he is thinking about cheating or will be cheating in the near future….but it could also mean that said gentlemen may be somewhat oblivious about the Princess and all the thoughts are coming from her direction which would put it into the “home wrecker” arena. 

Again, clear questions and communication with the client will always indicate which perspective the cards are pointing to. As it turned out, the Princess of Wands was setting about to ensnare the man at the center of controversy and completely clueless to her intentions and my client was able to have a long heart to heart with her man and create a stronger bond between them, avoiding the cheating scenario altogether. 

It’s always a very delicate situation when these types of questions come up and as the reader, I feel it’s my responsibility to handle it as compassionately and honestly as I can while still answering the clients questions. 

Not using reversals can be challenging at first but as one reads for any length of time, the cards and intuition will always reveal the answer.

Emotional Roulette 

Published March 28, 2017 by Tarot By Elizabeth

The British have a word in their vocabulary that no other word can cover…it’s the word “gutted” Meaning: To be ‘gutted’ about a situation means to be devastated and saddened.

This word perfectly describes the tarot Three of Swords. Many of us encounter this devastated feeling at least once in our life and soon after find that subconsciously, we try very hard to scoop up the remains and put them all back where they belong, often with little to no success. 

This was often the case in my (familial) line and sadly led to more than just a few emotionally damaged individuals who tried to repair such emptiness with alcohol and/or other addictions.

As a witness to this behavior as a child, I made sure that I would not take the same path in my life, knowing the consequences firsthand. I was lucky, I survived, but watched helplessly as one of my children struggled with the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, as only the one who is caught in addiction can turn their lives around….no matter how hard a parent wants to help.

The Knight of Swords often comes up to remind me that there is a fine line for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves, we internalize our pain and it so easily can slip over into the hazy realm of trying to numb it all rather than facing our heartache and reopening old wounds.

I guess the message for me today is this: Sometimes in order to heal, we must examine our wounds even if it tears off the scabs, for if we do not reconcile that hole within ourselves, the damage will continue into all parts of our lives and old mindsets and outdated views can be passed on to our future generations without even being aware that it’s happening.

So, to those out there that might be struggling, as much as it hurts, embrace that part of yourself, be kind and allow yourself to heal… trying to hide from the pain will only end with the cycle being repeated again and again.

Oh No…Retrograde?!

Published December 19, 2016 by Tarot By Elizabeth

Today Mercury turns retrograde until January 8th, I can almost hear the gasps! 

But, never fear, there’s no reason to think the sky is falling and communication as we know it is out the proverbial window, here are some tips to make the next three weeks bearable:

1. Back up your data and any electronics.  This “ruler of communication” planet can get a little funny with your devices. In today’s world, it is hard to not communicate via texting, Facebook post, email, or even an archaic phone call. That being said, be careful and mindful of your devices. Could you really go three weeks, let alone a day, without your phone?

2. Don’t buy any big ticket items or sign any contracts.   During this time it’s almost necessary to check, re-check and double check any agreements or large purchases that could possibley come back to haunt you in the new year! As my grandmother said “Measure twice, cut once!”

3. Communication AggravationMercury is the planet of messages and communication, and when in retrograde, folks can seem confusing, ornery and downright cranky!

 Even I can fall victim to these sneaky snaffu’s being an Air sign, but no need to fear, just take a little more time understanding each other during this time and cut yourself and all you come into contact with, a little slack…after all, wouldn’t you like to same consideration yourself?

4. Revamp not Initiate.  Think of the retrograde as a periodic review, a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started. Where are the areas in you daily life that could use a little TLC? 

Make this a period of solidifying your foundations rather than establishing new ones! 
Perhaps this can be a great opportunity to reconnect with your roots or core beliefs, go for a stroll down memory lane and really focus on your blessings.

Most of all, RELAX! Try not to get yourself cornered into an anxiety nightmare where you develop negative tunnel vision. Use this time wisely and before you know it, it will be a hazy memory!

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